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Choosing a Multipurpose cleaner for your home.

Multipurpose cleaners are versatile products, some disinfectant surfaces while others do not. Some disinfectants can be more toxic than others but there are more natural nontoxic items on the market. It depends on what your wants and needs are when choosing your next cleaning product.

All multipurpose cleaners are able to clean and break down dirt, grease, and grime. Most multipurpose cleaners can be used on a variety of different surfaces but it’s always

important to read the directions and test any cleaner before using.

Clean my space Says," I’ve heard a lot of people use the words cleaner and disinfectant interchangeably, but they actually aren’t the same thing. Cleaners clean and disinfectants disinfect. While it might sound like the same thing, it’s actually not.

A cleaner doesn’t disinfect, and a disinfectant doesn’t clean. Insert shocked gasp here! All-purpose cleaners remove dirt. In the process, germs are also removed which is absolutely enough of a clean for a lot of surfaces. But when you want to kill all those bacteria and germs, you’ll want a disinfectant. On the other hand, disinfectants kill germs and bacteria, but they don’t actually eliminate dirt. So you can disinfectant without cleaning, and vice versa."

With this information, if both removing grim and disinfecting are important to you while cleaning make sure to look for products that offer both and not just one property over the other. For example, Lysol all-purpose spray offers both cleaning and disinfecting properties in their cleaners where as Mrs. Meyers cleaners only remove dirt and grime and do not disinfect the surface.

With that said we do believe using more natural cleaners, like Mrs. Meyers, on a day-to-day cleaning basis is better for you and your home. These natural cleaners do an excellent job of cutting through grease and grim and make your home smell wonderful without the added chemicals. We recommend only using disinfectant cleaners every so often throughout the entire home except in areas that are exposed to the most germs like kitchens and bathrooms. These areas should be disinfected more frequently.

We noted things to look for when shopping around for different household cleaning products at the store.

Hoosier Quality Cleaning uses Lysol multi-purpose for our house cleaning products.
Lysol product

Commonly used disinfecting multipurpose cleaners;

Lysol (we use for Hoosier Quality Cleaning) We choose to use this product for our company because we are in your home on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis. This ensures your whole house is being properly disinfected on a routine basis so you don't have to worry about it between cleans!

Clorox- Scentiva

Mr. Clean Antibacterial Cleaner

Commonly used cleaners that do not include disinfecting properties

Mrs. Meyers

Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner



Seventh Generation

According to the CDC to be classified as a disinfectant products must include specific chemicals "These include alcohols, chlorine and chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ortho-phthalaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, peracetic acid, phenolics, and quaternary ammonium compounds. Commercial formulations based on these chemicals are considered unique products and must be registered with EPA or cleared by FDA. In most instances, a given product is designed for a specific purpose and is to be used in a certain manner. Therefore, users should read labels carefully to ensure the correct product is selected for the intended use and applied efficiently."

We hope that after reading this article you feel more informed about the difference in multisurface cleaners. A better understanding of the difference between products labeled as disinfectants vs cleaners, and that you're able to make the best choices possible for you and your home when it comes to cleaning!

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Hoosier Quality Cleaning informing people about multipurpose cleaners and disinfecting cleaners
Hoosier Quality Cleaning

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